NOVEMBER 10, 2021

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Inflammation is the body’s natural healing mechanism— its chemical response to injury and infection. Acute inflammatory responses are healing. However, chronic inflammation is understood to be a cause of many, if not most, serious illnesses, including chronic pain, obesity, Add/ADHD, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, migraines, thyroid issues, dental issues, cancer, and more.

And it follows that understanding the sources of inflammation and how to subdue an inflammatory response may be the key to managing a great variety of serious health problems.

In the November edition of Health&Healing, we will explore aspects of the role of chronic inflammation in a host of serious illnesses, and how it can be addressed.

        • To what extent do changing hormonal levels have a role in age-related inflammation? What is the connection between inflammation and menopause?
        • How can food sensitivities that sometimes underlie chronic inflammation be treated effectively—celiac disease, for example?
        • Someone once said “sick buildings make sick people.” How do a variety of pollutants contribute to chronic inflammation, and how can they be precisely diagnosed and treated?
        • What is the known relationship between psychological stress—the fight or flight response—and chronic inflammation?
        • Good studies link depression and stress to a rise in inflammatory markers, and to coronary heart disease (CHD). Studies indicate that depression can markedly increase the odds of developing CHD.

Clearly the links between inflammation, stress, and disease states are intricate and manifold. We will ask for guidance from our local experts to more thoroughly understand these links, and consider the paths to move toward long-term robust good health. You are invited to be part of the conversation.


A special section of the publication—Other Voices, Other Choices—provides a forum for area practitioners to submit articles related to the feature topic. In this section, we invite health care/health service providers who have a special connection to the feature topic to write articles about their work.

Without question, lifestyle choices play an enormous part in fostering—and healing—inflammation. Diet, exercise, stress management—all are key factors. But while we ultimately have a great deal of control over these sources of inflammation, it is not always easy to heal on one’s own. Support is always helpful, often necessary.

In this issue of Health&Healing, we hope to include the voices of the many healers who provide such support. Coaches, dietitians, nutritionists, physical therapists, yoga instructors, weight loss counselors, hypnotherapists, psychologists are among the many professionals who help their clients make—and keep—the lifestyle adjustments needed to address the health problems resulting from inflammation. If you are among these healers, we welcome your insights.

To join the conversation, see information about the Other Voices, Other Choices section in Advertising in Health&Healing, and contact us at 919-967-6802.

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