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Surgery is a major event in anyone’s life—posing challenging questions and requiring difficult decisions. Thus, periodically, we ask our local expert practitioners to bring us up-to-date on advances in surgery as well as developments in alternatives to surgery.

There is also growing understanding that choices made before and after surgery can significantly impact surgical success and improve recovery. So a full exploration of this topic also involves identifying the choices and treatments that lead to optimal outcomes—from diet and supplements to meditation and massage.

Surgical procedures span a wide range—including organ transplants, coronary bypass operations, appendectomies, face lifts, cataract surgeries, biopsies, and joint replacements, to name just a very few. One of the most commonly performed surgical procedures—perhaps attributable to the aging of the Baby Boom generation—is hip and knee replacement. For example, approximately 800,000 knee replacement procedures are performed annually in the US—a number projected to increase to 3.48 million procedures per year by 2030.

Advances and Alternatives

Advances in medical understanding and surgical technology are extraordinary. Use of platelet-rich plasma is one example of a relatively new procedure to promote and improve wound healing. Minimally invasive surgery continues to be the hallmark for many who wield the scalpel. It’s now common for doctors to perform surgery while viewing their handiwork on a TV monitor. Robotic surgery takes technological wizardry to an entirely new level, and it has become almost routine.

At the same time, integrative/functional medicine continues to gain support among health care professionals and the general public, and often offers effective options to surgical procedures.

Local chiropractors, for example, have had great success in treating bulging and herniated spinal discs with decompression therapy. Prolotherapy, a quite different approach, is often an effective long-term treatment for knee, elbow, shoulder, and back pain—and for many an alternative to surgery. Similarly, chelation therapy is highly effective for detoxification, removal of heavy metals, and general cleansing of the venous system, thus preventing the problems that lead to coronary bypass surgery. Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry by creating a replacement for missing teeth that is as close to a natural tooth as possible. Acupuncture, chiropractic, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, nutritional therapy, and well-designed exercise programs in many instances lead patients to a restoration of health without the need for surgical intervention.

Before and After

There is also growing understanding of the value of choices and treatments that both prepare patients for surgery and support speedy recovery. Energy healing, nutritional support, massage therapy, herbal therapy, physical therapy, meditation, and other treatments help reduce the trauma and side effects of surgery and accelerate recovery time. We invite practitioners in varying disciplines to join in a conversation about advances in surgery, support for the surgical patient, and effective alternatives to surgery, in the June 2023 edition of Health&Healing.


A special section of the publication—Other Voices, Other Choices—provides a forum for area practitioners to submit articles related to the feature topic. In this section, we invite health care/health service providers who have a special connection to the feature topic to write articles about their work.

The Triangle area is rich in a wide variety of health resources and healing options; thus, we anticipate that many practitioners have information to share with readers about both advances in surgery and alternatives. In addition, many practitioners have a great deal to offer those requiring surgery—in the form of pre- and post-surgical treatments. Physical therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, and mental health practitioners—among others—offer services that help improve the experience and outcome of surgical procedures and accelerate the healing process.

We welcome these voices in the June issue. To join the conversation, see information about the Other Voices, Other Choices section in Advertising in Health&Healing, and contact us at 919-967-6802.


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