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APRIL 2023

Publication Date – APRIL 18

Thanks largely to scientific advances, it is estimated that today there are more people aged 60 or older than ever before. And it is all too commonly believed that with age comes infirmity—chronic disease, memory issues, limited mobility. Indeed, many health issues are connected with age—years of stress, sun exposure, and unhealthy habits add up. But there is a growing understanding that age-related infirmity is not inevitable. Not only can many age-related health issues be prevented, but the growing field of anti-aging, or regenerative, medicine offers many options for addressing the damage that has occurred over time—whether internally or aesthetically. In the April issue, we will explore with area practitioners how they address the chronic health problems facing older patients as well as the options they offer for turning back the clock—from lifestyle changes, to detoxing, to cosmetic procedures and products.

JUNE 2023

Publication Date – JUNE 13

Surgery is a major event in anyone’s life. And the extraordinary advances in both medical understanding and surgical technology present important challenges to those facing the prospect of surgery. This issue will explore the advances in surgical knowledge and technology as well as alternatives to surgery, and explore the question of when “watchful waiting” is the best choice. In addition, practitioners will share information about pre- and post-operative options to improve surgical outcomes and minimize side effects.


Publication Date – AUGUST 15

It’s often said that “it takes a village to raise a child,” reflecting the importance of the broader community— including teachers, culture, faith communities, and environmental factors—in a child’s development. But what is the impact on children when the “village” is a global one—connected by an extraordinary web of social and information media? The August issue will explore the social, cultural, and environmental factors that impact children’s health and, importantly, their healthy development—including environmental toxins, unhealthy use of social media, ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), obesity, and substance abuse. And we will explore with area practitioners their understanding of how to best support our children on their path to adulthood.


Publication Date – OCTOBER 10

Health risks such as tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, and unhealthy body weight are the “big three” health issues, often contributing to a range of chronic health problems, ranging from mild to gravely serious. Our experts offer guidance to higher levels of health.


Publication Date – DECEMBER 12

Clearly, experts agree, there’s a link between health and balance—meaning the equilibrium of forces within the body, the mind and emotions, and the human spirit. Between different people ,and even from moment to moment, the locus of balance is always different. What constitutes a balanced diet for one person may be completely different for another. There is no “one size fits all.” And there are questions to probe: Is “healthy balance” a constant, or does it change over time? Does pain mean a person is out of balance? Does stress? What role do meditation, diet, and exercise play in achieving and maintaining balance? Topics to consider in our December issue.